Thursday, April 7, 2016

She's 4.5 Months With Pierced Ears

You're 4.5 months and have already been to three states. You've flown on an airplane and have soaked up some CA sunshine. 

Here on the farm, you've made it through countless snowstorms, kissed a turkey and pulled on it's feathers with your death grip, and you cry every time the yucky spring wind blows in your face. 

You've become a spit up baby and your Mama probably does a few extra loads of laundry just for you every week.

Your soft, whispy hair is currently super white like your brother Jed's hair. 

You love to suck on your fingers, usually a whole fist full of fingers all at the same time. 

You still don't care much for baths. 

We've figured out some ways to make you laugh hard, but when you're done laughing, you're done laughing, and you go right back to your serious face. 

You've definitely become a bit more vocal these past few weeks

{You got your ears pierced on your sister's 10th birthday. I think it's safe to say that you cried the most out of all your sisters. You even cried your eyes out when the lady was just trying to put a dot on your ear with a pen. We had to redo the dot five times before we got it right. I was so thankful Aunt Tara was there to help us.}

{It's hard to believe that you were ever our "tiny" miracle. You're now one adorably chunky monkey, weighing in at nearly 15lbs.}

{Solomon is getting so much better at being gentle with his sister. He likes to sit next to her and talk to her while I'm washing dishes or folding laundry.}

{Your eyes are blue, and your skin is perfectly soft and beautifully fair.}

{I'm a sucker for little girl clothes. Tiny grey jeans and a pink and cream sweater__ I mean, seriously! SOO cute!}

Time is flying by. 
Oh how I love you little one!