Thursday, April 14, 2016

Interviews {For My Sweet Friend Dini And Her Precious Crew}

Some of my dearest friends live thousands of miles from the farm. One such friend I met in Panama nearly 15 years ago. We haven't actually seen each other in person since the day the Cowboy and I left Panama, but this amazing woman is one who speaks life and truth into me and I just adore her friendship.

When we met, neither of us had children and now, we each have six. She's from Germany and I'm from CA. And now we both live on little "farms" and homeschool, and attempt to raise our treasures up for the glory of God, and we're both insanely aware of our need for Jesus in doing so__ I think that's one of the things I appreciate most about her. She reminds me that I'm not alone in this season of my life and helps me to feel like my "crazy" is somewhat normal.

She's one of my dearest friends and yet she has never met my children and I have never met hers. She lives in Canada now and I wish with all my heart we could fly to each other's houses and soak up each other's kids, and drink tea and chat for hours about life.

But for now, the Lord has not provided that for us, so I had an idea.

I've been doing "interviews" with my kids and videoing them. I know a video is not the same as being in person. But I thought it could be fun for my sweet friend to see their personalities, mannerisms, likes and dislikes. I hope to post a new "interview" every few days as I can pull them together. Or it might take me a few months to get them all on here__ we'll just have to see how it goes.

So this is for you sweet Dini! How I miss you and wish you were my neighbor. Hoping this allows your kids to get to know my kids from thousands of miles away.

First up, my Solomon Jude is two. I want to remember his little voice and his feisty personality. His interview starts out a little dicey with talk of "hoop" as he so affectionately refers to "poop,"  and "naked" talk because I keep finding him without his clothes on when he gets up in the morning. But not to worry, he has plenty more to say and share with you.

pASSWORRD: solomon

Enjoy. :)