Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Front Seat

My handsome lad__

The day your Papa and I took you home from the hospital I sat next to you in the backseat. Your Papa asked me if I was scared.

I nodded yes and mumbled, 
"Scared, but crazy happy."

Since then,
You learned to walk and lost your baby teeth. 
You can cook your own eggs and build a table all by yourself.
You have Jesus in your heart and you are so quick to serve others well.

Ten years have gone by__

Now there are six of you__
Six souls to raise up for eternal purposes.
Six souls to discover and love on well.
Six personalities to cherish.
Six minds to shape and pour into,

But you are my firstborn. 
Everything is new with you. 
You were the first to throw a tantrum.
You were the first to potty train. 
You were the first to use your Papa's power tools.
You were the first to learn to read. 

Your Papa asks me often how things are going with you.

And the truth is you challenge me and you bless me, you teach me and leave me puzzled. You bring me great joy and sometimes my heart aches deep over the things I long for the Lord to do in your amazing heart. I'm blown away at all the Lord has already done in and through you in these few short years. 

There are so many prayers that a Mama's heart carries as she pours her everything into her greatest treasures__ If I've learned anything in ten years, it's that I can guide, but I can't control. I can pray, but I must also relinquish and trust.

Ten years have gone by and the answer to your Papa's question is still the same, 
"Scared, but crazy happy."

Ten years have gone by and I love that it's YOU sitting next to me in the front seat.