Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ages & Stages

{We all got hungry while grocery shopping. So we ordered sandwiches at the deli at Sprouts and ate lunch on the steps. I can't express how much I truly enjoy the company of these five little folks.}

When my two oldest were tiny, and I met other mamas with way more children than I had at the time, I often wondered how on earth they did it. I was drowning with my two tiny tots and couldn't fathom having any more children.

And then this past week came to pass and I realized how those mamas of many small children did it__ they had gloriously gracious older children.

I'm wiped out__There's really no other way to say it.

I'm in the last few weeks of pregnancy where you just can't get comfortable. You can't lay down. You can't stand up. It hurts to walk. It hurts to sit. And yet you somehow still need to find a way to function like a normal person.

And my kids? Well, they just keep blessing my socks off.

On Wednesday I woke up from a "nap" and the four oldest had cleaned the entire house, wiped down the bathroom and even put all the laundry away.

On Friday night I caught a glimpse of my full figure in the girl's window when I was putting them to bed. When you're this pregnant it can feel a bit overwhelming seeing your reflection in the window. I rested my hands on my belly and mumbled, "Oh dear," under my breath. And my sweet girls both piped up, "You're lookin fab Mom, you're looking fab." It made me smile so big.

And then Sunday__ When I woke up from another nap, the table was set;  the kids had made eggs and pancakes for dinner and they had poured me a tall glass of iced tea. The house was clean and all 5 were all playing Legos together in the sunroom.

My two tiny tots are now 9 & 10. They're independent and thoughtful. And they're helpful beyond anything that I ever could have fathomed when they were only 1 & 2. And they're teaching their 7 & 5 year old siblings to jump into the fun of blessing their Mama.

There are things that are difficult about each age and stage AND there are wonderful things about each age and stage. I couldn't make it through these last few weeks without these treasures of mine.