Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pieces Of Summer's End

My Aunt and her granddaughter have been in town this week. {I truly love when they come to town!}
My Siah has been sick in bed.
My girls have been riding goats and catching chickens.
My Charmer has been treasure hunting.
My Solomon has been eating, eating, eating, and keeping me on my toes.
And My Man has been cutting and chopping, building and hanging, helping this Mama lighten up the school room with a fresh coat of paint and a few new things for a new school year. 

We start school next week here on the farm__
But today, we're just soaking up sweet pieces of summer's end.

And it must have been a good week because all five kids are asleep in their beds in the middle of the day__ that hasn't happened since__ well, since never. :)