Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gone Fishing

This place invokes memories for me every time we drive up the long gravel driveway__

Good memories. 

The Cowboy brought me to Texas for the first time when I was 18. I wrapped my arms around his dad and stepmom the second I met them and they've been welcoming me into their home ever since. 

The Cowboy and I had been dating for only a few months during that first visit__ but I remember laying next to each other on the big bed in their guest room, {with the door opened of course, so we wouldn't be tempted to make out too much :)} and listening to the Cowboy talk about our future life together. He knew he wanted to marry me the second we started dating__ it took me a couple years to figure that out.

Earlier today my Joey and our boys and their Papaw went fishing in Papaw's pond. 

The older two each caught a fish and the littlest boy whined the whole time. After a nice long shower I met the boys out at the pond, took some pictures, and rescued the men from the littlest pickle. 

These days, ours days are full of training up treasures and taking turns with the whining one so that we don't completely lose our marbles.

17 years have passed since that first time I lied long next to him, chatting about life at his dad's house__and now I'm lying here in the dark next to my sleeping, snoring Cowboy, with our five children sleeping across the hall and baby #6 keeping me awake and wide-eyed as she bounces around in my belly.

 Once a year him and I, we load kids in the car and drive across the States, thinking about our children and the memories they'll make throughout these years the way him and I have made memories throughout these years___ by coming back & fishing in the pond & laying long next to one another on the big bed in Papaw's house, remembering all the days they laughed and played in this good-memory place. 


More than anything else, our kids and grandkids need our time. 

They need to take walks with you, and have conversations with you about politics and worldview and ice cream favors. They need to skip rope with you in the driveway and carve their names on the tree in your backyard. They need to plant a garden with you, and make meals with you, and love on your elderly neighbor with you. 

They don't more movies, or candy, or toys.

Give them your time and you're giving them life__ 
Lovely, memory-filled life.

17 years have brought good memories because in this place__ we give each other our time.