Sunday, June 14, 2015

It's Official; Her Name Is Maddie

We're 92% sure she's a girl. It's strange how hard it is to figure out something that should be rather obvious. But from the tips the Mamas at our last 4H meeting gave us, we're thinking she's a girl. 

It took the kids a couple days to agree on a name. Almost every animal on the farm has been named "Snowflake" at one time or another, this time was no exception. 

But last night when we were all out in the field with the goats, the kids decided that our newest addition needed a new and different name than Snowflake. It's no surprise that the Spunky Girl makes up all kinds of extravagant names usually ending in some kind of "ana." Kyliana. Julianna. Sisaliana. She's under the theory that if you add "ana" it can make any name beautiful. And although I love her passion, I'm sorry to say that her choice of names got booted. 

Siah came up with the name Lark. I actually liked it but the girls said it didn't sound very girlie, and they're right.

Then Hal came up with Maddie. Everyone kind of paused then nodded in agreement. I was just ready for all the "ana" names to be over, so with five nodding heads, we made it official. 

Maddie it is. The newest, cutest addition to farm.