Friday, April 3, 2015

My Sweet Halee-Girl

Oh my goodness, how did you get to be 9-YEARS_OLD??? I know I say it every year, but seriously, you just keep growing up right in front of my eyes. You are the sweetest, most nurturing, kind & precious 9-year-old I know.

Where did you learn to be such a servant to others? Who taught you how to clean a house from top to bottom just for fun? Who gave you your love for Chai Tea Lattes and where, oh where did you develop such sweet patience towards your siblings and your Mama?

The Lord is growing you up in ways that I couldn't have even thought to ask for.

You are my treasure and my delight and I learn so much from you and the way that you love.

It's your birthday this weekend. You didn't want a huge party. When I asked you what you wanted to do, you just wanted to go out to dinner with your family up in Denver.

And so tonight, we'll all pile into the van, and we'll drive up to the Cheesecake Factory and you'll order pasta with butter and cheese and you'll tell jokes and laugh around the table because that's what you do nearly every night around the farm table.

Little girl, you are my gift and my delight and I am so immeasurably grateful for you!

Happy Happy Birthday Halee-Girl!