Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Chickens

This year we ordered chickens in the mail with our neighbors, The Gaws.  As we stood in line at the post office we could hear all 25 of them chirping as loud as can be. 
My Siah carried their travel box in his lap all the way home.

This past weekend, My Joey, My Dad, & My Father-in-law rebuilt the main farmhouse bathroom. (I'll post about that soon.) So when we got home from the post office, the farmhouse was a massive explosion of tools and sawdust and scraps of wood and died up paint brushes and oh my...

So we kept the chicks in their box and all worked together to get everything picked up. My Siah stapled cardboard to the back of the old chicken coop and I pulled it in on the wagon from the stable to the sunroom. 

We have to keep them inside until they're big enough to endure the cold. We're thinking about building a larger coop up closer to the farmhouse since the goats are currently in the old chicken coop inside the barn. 

It's been gloriously sunny and warm here on the farm. I feel like the Lord is just blessing my socks off. I might have even put on my bathing suit the other day and soaked up some sun on the front porch while the treasures all played in the hose.  :)

Happy Spring!! :)