Monday, January 5, 2015

Best Of Our Days

I long for the farmhouse to feel like a home and not merely a house.

I want the walls to tell the story of us.

When people walk in the front door my hope is that what's there will whisper, "Come on in. Put up your feet. Rest, laugh, cry. Eat something. The teapot is hot on the stove. Curl up under a blanket if you'd like and read a good book, I'll gladly hang out with your treasures while you catch your breath."

May our home be a safe haven for the weary, a sweet memory to the joy-filled, a place of rest and rejuvenation, a place of grace to all, always.

I desire for everything about our home to say, a family lives here... a family that loves God and loves each other.

So when I saw this post on her blog, I loved everything about it!!!

The kids and I spent a long morning on the couch looking at the past five years of memories made in this place.

I didn't pick the perfectly posed pictures.

I picked the ones that told the story of this place...

The story of our days...

The story of a family, our family.

I picked the ones with toothless grins, with cowboy hats on rodeo days.

I picked the one that captured my Spunky Girl first learning to ride her bike.

I picked the one of me painting the old farmhouse with my little Charmer strapped to my chest.

I picked the one with me ROUND at the beach a few days before my Soul-Man was born.

And the one when we brought The Charmer home from the hospital.

I picked the ones of us laughing, and even some of us crying.

I picked the ones that are real.. really real.

I turned them all into black and white in iPhoto. Uploaded them to Costco. Chose 5x5. Made sure to crop each one since I was turning all the photos into square photos. Then picked them up a few days later.

I wasn't brave enough to glue them directly onto my wall so I bought a large piece of plain white paneling from the Home Depot and glued the pictures to the board. My walls are white so the board kind of just blends in to the wall unless you're looking up close.

The kids look at the wall several times a day. I love the way they talk about the things that they remember... I love the way the memories make them smile big. :)

In our nearly fifteen years of marriage The Cowboy and I have moved eleven times. The Farmhouse is the first place that we have ever owned, and it is the longest place that we have ever lived.

This wall of pictures whispers the best of our days.

Like she said, I know it's not everyone's style. But truthfully, I love the way it turned out.

This wall of pictures makes me smile.

I hope to live in this place until I'm old and gray...

And I hope that all who come in will know that God was faithful in the sweetly-broken, messy-beautiful memories made under this farmhouse roof.