Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Play

The church Christmas play...
The Charmer__ A Drummer Boy.
The Spunky Girl__ An Angel
The Dancing Girl made her debut this year__ Her first time ever dancing in the church play.
My Siah__ A Reader of The Word.

 The Dancing Girl practiced her routine 50 times a day for weeks before the play. She did awesome! Graceful & Beautiful!!

And my Drummer Boy... well... he was the kid that lifted his shirt and rubbed his tummy while he was supposed to be singing Silent Night. While gazing upon the baby Jesus, he was diligently picking his nose. And when he scanned the crowd looking for the Cowboy and I, his eyes finally met ours, and we both cheered this kid s,.on with a giant smile and two thumbs up. He grinned all happy back at us. 


My Si, read wonderfully! 

And my Spunky Girl__ A seriously cute little angel.

I love the Christmas play.
All the homemade outfits.
The kid that sings loud and off key.
The nose-picker.
The joy my kiddos have with their friends.
I LOVE it all. :)