Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week One In Pictures

{Our annual tradition... how we begin a new learning year.}

{The Charmer caught his first rabbit this week.}

{The best way for a little boy to grow up; outside and covered in dirt.}

{Many lessons go just like this; Mama holding the baby and trying to read at the same time.}

{Camp fire & smores with friends} 

{We gather at the farm table each morning; eat breakfast, do Bible & memory work}

 {Jed doing a great job being a big brother.}

Week one... had it's good moments and it's yucky moments. I had this crazy thought that since this was going to be the beginning of our fifth year of home-schooling that surely things would go smoothly and by golly I'd have a sure-fire plan to make our days perfectly fruitful and joy-filled. This being Teacher/Mom is like living in crazy-town. I make plans, and then I remember why I stopped making plans some time ago... because my life with many small children is FULL of mis-haps, and bonks and spilled glasses and yelling babies and little people who constantly need to go to the bathroom. GEEZALOU!!! Lord, help a Mama out! Grace abounds, grace abounds, grace abounds... This is what I keep on repeat in my mind as we find our groove for another school year. It's either that, or I find myself singing Frozen songs... Let it go, Let it go... lalalalala.
Sometimes, the best plan is to just let it go.

{Fresh from our garden}

{A tea party in the tree house with all their favorite things.}

{After two and half years, the Cowboy finished painting the outside of the old farmhouse. :)}