Sunday, August 24, 2014

Just Fun

{The Charmer was sad because his sweet sister, who had already given him two big handfuls, was done sharing her cotton candy. Poor Charmer. :)}

The day started with some nice intense fellowship between the Cowboy and I. 

I'm supposed to put my keys on the key hook every time I walk in the door so that the next time we have somewhere to go I know where the keys are. 

The idea of it sounds fabulous. 

The practicality of it just might be what puts me in my grave. 

Needless to say, on Saturday morning I couldn't find my keys. Friends were coming at 8 and I_couldn't_find_my_keys. I hate that feeling when you get a pit in your stomach over your own carelessness. 

The whole crew searched every nook and cranny of the farmhouse.
{There are a million bonuses to having a big family.}

Eventually we found the keys.

I told the Cowboy I was sorry.
He winked at me... and told me that it would be great if I could just remember to put the keys on the hook.
I told him I'd try my best.

We loaded the van with all the snacks and backpacks and treasures and friends, and from then on, things just got good.

{My two sillies... always...always... doing silly poses and making silly faces.}

{I LOVE little El's hair!}

{Solomon taking his first steps!!!!}

 {The youngest couple ever to appear on Dancing With The Stars! :)}

You know those days that are hardly extravagant but they're just sweet and they feel joyful and refreshing? 

Saturday was one of those days. 

The drive was beautiful.
We found a fun hike.
The kids ran through the forest. 
We ate ice cream by the river. 
We had dinner in Fort Collins. 
The Dancing Girl played Silent Night on the piano in the town square. 
The kids jumped off of statues and did cartwheels and dangled their feet in the fountain. 
The baby took his first steps and the Cowboy and I cheered and laughed like happy fools as strangers looked on. 

It was just fun...