Sunday, July 27, 2014

Movie In The Barn...

Her and I were walking down the dirt road  when she said something sweet about the fabric strips hanging in that little white room in our 100-year-old barn. And I tried to tell her without any tears that these birthday days for our treasures really have very little to do with the decor, or the food, or the presents, but really it's about the days in the hospital when I pulled each of those treasures out myself and those once quiet rooms filled with the sound of that first cry.

I choked out the words on that dirt road with my friend, "I put those fabric strips on the twine and strewn them around the barn not to have the perfect party, but simply to bless their amazing hearts... It's really this seemingly insignificant way to say to these three little ones how much them being in this life-filled farmhouse, them being in this family, them being our treasures, it's sheer gift I tell ya, cuz sometimes The Lord asks us to give our kids back and that hospital room is painfully quiet." And this sweet friend who knows my story, smiled and listened and I was thankful. And when my little Charmer, who also happens to be my little encourager, walked into the barn, he belted it out, "OH MY GOODNESS MAMA, this is the most beautifulest thing ever! You's a good Mama." Ya, he doesn't always speak the best English, but he sure does get fired up about life and I LOVE that about him! :)

So once a year, we have a party for each of them. We sing LOUD, and we eat popcorn and Popsicles, and we decorate the barn, and we invite friends to jump into the fun, and every year their birthdays remind me of the Lord's unfathomable kindness in giving me these precious souls and a lifetime of us all growing up together.

This year the Cowboy set up a movie in the barn.

It was a good Saturday.

I just love these kiddos.

They bless me.