Sunday, April 6, 2014

She's EIGHT!

There's this amazing tender-hearted gem that lives under the farmhouse roof. 
And this past week she turned EIGHT years old!! 
Oh my goodness.
This girl is truly one sweet gift. She's compassionate and kind. She's always thinking about others and gets along with everyone she meets. She's helpful and nurturing. She loves to dance. She knows all the words to the entire Frozen album, and her and her sister belt it out all_day_long. :)
 I just LOVE this girl!

This year we had a lovely little royal, Hello Kitty tea party.
We giggled like crazy and all wore bright pink lip stick. Painted our nails and drank chai tea lattes and lemonade.
The Cowboy had a tournament of princesses and tested the girl's speed, smarts, and strength. 
We played charades and the silliest game ever of musical chairs, I can't remember the last time that I laughed so hard.
The brothers served the girls lunch (I love their precious servant hearts).
Aunt Tara made every girl fun twirly skirts, and we all ate cheesecake covered in a strawberry pixie parfait that Hal and I made together in the kitchen earlier in the day.

The whole family had a blast and all five treasures were out cold at 7pm... A glorious sign that fun has been had under the farmhouse roof. :)


Musical Chairs...


Happy Birthday to my gift of a daughter!!! I'm so thankful for you. :)