Friday, January 31, 2014

When The Folks At The Farmhouse Get Sick

All the medicine droppers are piled up in the window sill.

The laundry in sprung all over the farmhouse.

The tissues are tumbling out of the trash can in the bathroom... {It's hard teaching little ones to use a reasonable amount of toilet paper to wipe their raw little noses. :)}

Their sad faces and watery droopy eyes just make you want to pull them in close and hold them all day long.

And when the Mama has a cold, things go on in the farmhouse that aren't usually allowed when the Mama has the energy to do something about it... things like, racing around the couch with the littlest one in a little, pink, Minnie Mouse shopping cart. :)

And did I mention the laundry?? :)

After a long day of fevers and medicine and warm baths and books read in creative reading nooks, the farmhouse might have been a bit ruffled looking, but there was still so much to be thankful for...

Kids so in love with their Papa, waiting by the front door for his arrival.
Papa coming home.
A nice warm house.
Snow Falling.
Us, together.
And tomorrow... A chance to get caught up on what wasn't needful today. :)