Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday At The Farmhouse

The Dancing Girl is a little ar-teest!  She has a precious and creative mind that I just love. Two years ago we got her a kid camera for Christmas and she uses it all-the-time! 

Grammar, writing, math, all that academic stuff... It's important. But life, just plain old life, it's important too. So every once in awhile we ditch grammar around here and we just live life. 

The Spunky Girl came down stairs first thing this morning and told me all about how she couldn't sleep because she felt afraid most of the night. So what better place to go than to the Word, the place where His perfect love casts out all fear. Each of the treasures has a little notebook that they write scripture in each week... 
This week, we're memorizing this one, for the Spunky Girl's heart, written by the Spunky Girl herself.

After morning chores I pulled out my camera and that creative Dancing Girl smiled from ear to ear. "How about a photo lesson instead of grammar this morning?" 
Cheers all around.

We sat on the couch and looked through this lovely website of life photos. We talked about the different angels,the lighting, the way you can take the same picture from different spots around the room. I showed her how to zoom in and out on my camera. And then I let her have at it. 

These are photos of our family just living life in the farmhouse this morning. Of course the Spunky Girl convinced me to curl her hair and even put on some mascara... I was happy to oblige. :) 
And yes, It was 4 degrees here this morning and the Spunky Girl was convinced that she needed to wear a sundress. Sure, why not?

My amazing 7-year old took ALL of these photos ON HER OWN. LOVE!

After a little photo session, why not make Great Grandma's truly delicious homemade meatball recipe with all the treasures? 

They all pitched in. 

I've been trying to be intentional about teaching the older three some basic things about cooking. I never learned a lot about cooking until I was married and then I had wished that it was something I already knew and didn't have to start from scratch when I was in the thick of trying to raise a family. For the folks at the one room school house, school is life & life is school. 

And just for fun... Some pics of my own this morning to help the Dancing Girl see that there are all kinds of ways to take pictures...

So we cook together and we take pictures together. The oldest boy reads and the smallest boy snoozes. 
We learn to love and be kind and not be afraid. 
Six amazing hearts growing up together under this humble-beautiful farmhouse roof.