Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Lake

We have taken the past three weeks off of school. 

More than anyone, I needed the time off. 

School, well, I don't always like doing school. 

Sometimes I love it and other times I loathe it.

Some days are smooth and others days it seems that everyone ends up in tears at least once, or twice, or maybe a dozen times. :)

We all need a break every once in awhile. 

So we soaked up our time this week. 

We went ice skating with friends. 
Took our very first bus ride in downtown Denver. 
Hung out at the American Girl Doll store and the Lego store for an afternoon. 
Had friends over. 
Played games. 
Ate cream puffs... 
You know, made time for the important stuff in life. 

And then yesterday I heard the snow was heading towards the farm, so I thought why not one last hurrah before getting back to reality? 

WE packed up the bikes and headed to the lake... The lake with absolutely no water. It dried up last summer, but I still love going there. 

It was muddy and icy, but we walked the trail that goes around the entire lake. 

The older kids raced ahead on their bikes and My Charmer and I took our sweet time pushing the littlest one in his stroller. 

Along the way, The Charmer found a collection of swords (aka, sticks) of which he used to protect His Mama from all the deer we found on the trail. {Not to worry, no deer were harmed on our little walk.}

Him and I we walked so slow that the older kids ended up running back across the dried up lake to make sure that we were okay. So sweet of them! :)

My tendency during the winter is to stay inside because I really don't care to be cold. But I'm discovering after four years of being in this place that despite the cold I need the outdoors. I took a walk last week in the snow with a friend down the dirt road that that surrounds the farm. And when I walked back through the farm gates I found myself wondering why I hadn't done such a thing until now? There was a sort of fog surrounding the barn. The air was brisk. The conversation was delightful. And the exercise felt so good. 
Before I moved here, I would walk the hills in our neighborhood several times a week and I think I'm realizing how much fresh air and exercise really effects my attitude, my perspective and my ability to be kind. 

What I'm getting at, is it was so nice to spend the afternoon at the lake with the kids. They're really great kids. My Dancing Girl is like a little Mama to our Solomon. She just loves him like her own. She's gonna make a great Mama someday. My Siah makes sure everyone is safe and following all the rules, where ever we go. {When we got into the car to head to the lake I realized the car battery was dead. He told me, "Not to worry mom, I know how to jump start the car." I didn't know if he really knew how so I called my dad who lives on the other side of the farm and he came over to help me. But it turns out that My Siah really does know how to jump start a car because he told my Dad what to do the whole time that he was trying to hook up the jumper cables. Once the car got started my Dad said that next the  time my car battery died I should just have Siah fix it for me. LOL.}  And Spunky & Charmer, well, they make this life so fun. Everything is a thrill to them. They both spend their days laughing and telling their Mama how much they love me. It's so sweet! And my Solomon... I don't know much about him yet. He's still kind of new. But I know he's a keeper and I love him so much it gives me butterflies in my tummy!

We start school again on Monday. I'm so thankful for the three weeks we've had off. I'm praying for joy as we start up again. Praying for less tears and more laughter. Praying for words that build up. Praying for patience (waiting joyfully). Praying for the Lord to do something in this home greater than I even know to ask for. 

When I'm old, may those who know me say only one thing...
"she walked closely with the Lord."

That's it.
That's all I really want out of this life. 
And He's going to have to carry me the whole way because holy cow, I'm just so not able to do it all on my own. 
Reality here we come. 
Lord Jesus be near. :)