Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When It's Too Stinkin Hot To Do A Spelling Lesson

It's been crazy hot on the farm this week and the ceiling fan in the living room of the farmhouse isn't really cooling things off.

It was in the middle of a spelling lesson that the heat just became too much.

So they put on their swim suits and turned on the hose and it all just got better from there.

Spelling is important...

But so is fun and joy and a handful of treasures laughing in the middle of a hot summer day...

So we put the books down
and took an hour
and played
and got wet
and cooled off.

And when the afternoon rains came, we got back to our spelling and finished up right before dinner.

"Let Grace Abound"

It's our motto this year. 

And it's exactly where this tired Mama needs to rest when she chooses the hose over a spelling lesson. :)