Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One Seriously Incredible Man

There is a man that lives under this farmhouse roof with me.

He wakes up at 5am to hang out with our Solomon after my little man and I have had a nice long night together.

He fixes toilets, tractors, and broken windows.

He knows how to love on crazy kiddos, how to pray over their broken hearts... how to make them laugh until they have tummy aches.

When I'm pregnant, his head smells like dirty socks to me. I'm so glad I'm not pregnant anymore. :)

This man, he's slept next to me for thirteen years. He's known me in ways that no other person on earth has known me. He's held me tight and kissed me long.

And when our firstborn spouts off in the kitchen out of his own ignorance that "inside chores are a woman's job," this man tenderly puts our son in the best place, and reminds him, "Your Mama may do a lot of the work inside this home, but God has called you to serve and love on a woman like Christ loves the church. So as you grow I pray that the Lord puts a servant heart in you, and that He tears down any pride."

He's the kind of man I want my daughters to marry.

He's welcomed five amazing treasures into this world with me, and we've cried happy tears together every time.

I'm a fairly low maintenance sort of gal, (at least I'm hoping I am) but every single time that I have needed or wanted anything, he has made it happen for me.

When I've been squishy and lumpy from all those babies, this man has cupped my face in his hands, looked straight into my eyes, and spoken the word beautiful right into my heart.

He snores, shoots raccoons in our driveway, and feels closest to the Lord when he's out in the field on his tractor.

He's patient... patient in a way that I envy.

He works hard to put a roof over our head and food on our table, and his hard work allows me to stay home with our five amazing treasures.

I've known this man since I was 12 years old, and I stood in the kitchen on the anniversary of our friend David's death and I cried hard at the thought of having to spend a day without this man under my roof.

My Joey, I love him with my whole heart.

He's one seriously incredible man. 

Happy Happy Birthday to the one I love!!!

Thank you for the way that you love me. :)