Monday, August 27, 2012

12 Years

It's nice to get all dressed up... sometimes.

But most times, for this farm girl, stained jeans and black shirts are the best kind of days.

Yesterday the Cowboy and I celebrated 12 years of marriage.

We went to church then took the kids on a picnic.We had ice cream in a quaint, little mountain town. Then our most fabulous friends on the other side of the farm took the treasures for the evening and the Cowboy and I went to a little pub by the lake just up the road from our farm. :)

What I love much about us now, is our friendship. We're twelve years in and we really like just being with each other.

At the pub I ordered water like I always do. The Cowboy appreciates himself a good beer, but in all honesty the stuff just tastes nasty to me.

We hung out, him and I, on the patio for a few hours. We ate slow, chatted long, laughed loud. We even found some time to be a little silly. Most of the people at the pub were bikers, so I'm sure we looked like goofballs, but I didn't care. I had a blast with my man.

And there was a moment when I looked his way and he was looking at me and chuckling, and I asked what that was all about knowing I had a bit of ranch dressing dripping down the corner of my mouth. Then he said it laughing, "You're beautiful."

That's our marriage...

Black tank tops with red paint stains,
Wranglers and Cowboy boots on hot summer days,

A beer and a bottle of water,
Ranch dressing dripping down,
And God-joy in the everyday. :)

Happy Anniversary Love! I couldn't be more grateful. :)