Monday, July 9, 2012

Strawberries On A Lovely, Rainy, Summer Afternoon {With Recipes}

It's been raining here on the farm. 
And these treasures of mine, they always find something fun to do.
I love that about them!
Today they sat on the couch for an hour, buried under blankets, talking about who knows what. But whatever it was, was sure funny!

These days at home, where we have no obligations outside the farm gates, just might happen to be some of my most favorite days.  Today, I opened the fridge and found some strawberries that were starting to get a little on the mushy side. Which is actually perfect for our favorite strawberry muffin recipe...

I found it years ago, I'm not sure where. 
So if this is your recipe, the credit is all yours. :)
These muffins are super fun to make WITH the treasures.

{Farm Favorite Strawberry Muffin Recipe}

Above are all the ingredients that you'll need. 

And the rest is as simple as pie.

In a medium bowl smash up strawberries (we just use our hands. :)
Add the sugar, oil, and eggs and mix well.
Then add all the dry ingredients.
Stir, stir, stir. 

Put in muffin tins (we like mini muffins around here).

Bake at 425degrees for 15-18 minutes. (I've found that the mini muffins take significantly less time. Try setting the timer for 8 minutes, then check with a fork to see if they are done.)

Since I didn't get around to making the muffins till closer to lunch time, we also whipped up a batch of Grandma Sherry's Scrumptiously Simple Egg Salad. 

{Grandma Sherry's Egg Salad Recipe}
1 dozen hard-boiled eggs (diced up real small)
A few heaping spoonfuls of mayo
1 heaping spoonful of yellow mustard
A dash of salt
A dash of pepper

Stir, stir, stir.

Rinse some grapes in the sink and viola, you have a perfectly delicious lunch for a rainy summer afternoon.