Saturday, May 12, 2012

On The Fabulousness Of Being A Mama...

Top ten reasons why I love being a Mama...

1. My kisses magically heal most scratches, bonks, bumps, and briusies.

2. According to the spunky girl, I have the most beautiful pony tail on top of my head that she has EVER seen. :)

3. My job description allows me to spend hours reading great books.

4. Four little people bring me fresh flowers from the farm fields nearly every morning.

5. I get to learn the most about God through conversations with little folks who happen to be 1/6 my age.

6. My house is always cheerfully decorated with matchbox cars, dress-up clothes, and legos galore.

7. Not a day goes by without an abundance of hugs, kisses, and I love-you's, a perfect concoction of fabulousness for this Mama's heart. :)

8. That we are all growing up together towards Him!

9. There is always at lest one, skipping around the farmhouse smiling real, abundant joy.


My hope is in Him, All-Day-Long... They draw me into the best place on earth, His presence. :)


Last night, I was deep in the oven scrubbing the burnt off the bottom, and there was an apron covering my front. The girls walk in and stand behind me and I pull myself out of the depths and that Spunky girl, she's smiling all giddy, "I LOVE your pretty dress Mama." She LOVES everyone's pretty dresses these days. I smile back, covered in crumbs and black, hair a bit tattered. The Dancing girl pipes in, "I love when you wear your hair like that Mama." and then they start the joyful banter back and forth, "Well I love this about Mama..." "Well I love that about Mama..."

I'm covered in nastiness and they are showering me all clean with grace and kindness, there in the kitchen. 

The privilege of such authentic, innocent, truly true, love?

How can I not love being a Mama? 

Happy Early Mama's Day to all you beautiful women who spend your days waist deep in the oven,  whose hands are right cracked from all those dishes, and whose hearts are right full from all the privilege of such a gift of being a Mama. :)

We're off to Zion this week, The Cowboy, The treasures, and I.... I can hardly stand how incredibly excited I am! Woohoo!!!!! A whole week with that hot sexy Cowboy who happens to be ALL mine!  That gift deserves a great big Hallelujah, thank you Lord! And  a whole week with four treasures who keep me mindful and thankful of the joy of it all! Like I said, WOOOOOOHOOOO!! :)