Monday, May 7, 2012

If You Wanna Make A Mama Cry All Happy....

She came into the kitchen  and found me shucking corn into the garbage can.

Then she began to read it to me...

She had written it all by herself, her left alone in the school room to do whatever she pleased... and this was the thing she chose to do.

"Oh Hal, you're gonna make your Mama cry happy tears!"

She smiles all big and proud.

"You're doing so well with your writing, I'm so proud of you. But do you know what I love most about you?"

And she doesn't even hesitate,

"Jesus in my heart!"

"Yep. You got it girl!"

As we grow up here together... if we find ourselves never figuring out prepositional phrases, or fractions... but we, together, discover that one needful thing, that one and only way into complete joy___


Then I will know that the Lord has graciously given me one seriously great gift...

The gift of them knowing Him, and desiring  Him more than ANYTHING else in their lives.

She wraps her arms around me in the kitchen, and the tears fall all happy out her Mama's eyes. She loves to write, and I love to hear her heart through her words, there in the kitchen, shucking corn by the garbage can.