Friday, May 25, 2012

Kindergarten Is Over

Yesterday was the Dancing girl's last day of Kindergarten.

I didn't cry.

It's a miracle really, cuz I cry about almost everything. :)

Instead, I felt mostly proud. My Hal thrived in her class this year. She has a natural bent towards learning and I loved watching her succeed.

She and My Siah both had Mrs. Kozyra for Kindergarten. She really loved on Hal this year and reminded me often to be encouraging with my words, and patient with my Hal as we learned to read together. She was good to always lead me back to Hal's strengths and to never let me rest to long on her weaknesses. 

Each class also has a tutor and this year Hal was blessed to have Ms. Davenport. She has the gift of kindness and she always went out of her way to love on our Hal.

I am so grateful for the program that they get to be a part of. It allows our treasures to interact with other kids their age, and gives them an opportunity to learn to submit to another authority outside our home. They do all their language arts there (spelling, writing, grammar) and they get to take a few fun classes as well like art, Spanish, music and PE.

I'm just thankful.... Thankful that the Lord provided something that has not only blessed our kids, but this Mama as well.... A place that encourages me as I learn to home school these treasures of mine. 

Yesterday, they had an end of the year party with a little slide show of their year, and the little kids and I had the blessing of being there.

The dancing girl, although as feminine as can be, has for some reason, always had friends that are boys, friends that are older, or younger (The Spunky Girl has always been her bestest friend and I hope with all my heart that it stays that way for a lifetime), but rarely ever has she had girl friends her own age. The Cowboy and I have been praying that the Lord would bring one or two truly quality friends and this year, He has been so faithful to do so. 

I can hardly believe that she's already done with Kindergarten. Like most of this life, time just goes on and doesn't always bother to slow down just for me. :)

I'm proud of you sweet Hal. You are truly a treasure and I love you with my whole heart.