Friday, April 27, 2012

A Letter To My Siah On His 7th Birthday


Are you really seven. I went to sleep one night and woke up and found your again toothless grin looking straight into me, into my Mama heart. You are your Papa's son, nearly to a T__ and we all know how I feel about your Papa__ I'm giddy over that man. (We have a dog don't we?? :)

You like to have things all in order. You like to know the timing of everything even though you still are trying to truly grasp time. After waiting five whole minutes for your new helicopter to charge today, you were convinced that surely an hour had passed and you could play with the copter again. :) 

I thought the day would never come, but together we've learned the art of learning how to read. I'm so proud of you and your perseverance in the whole thing. You've taught me that it really is possible to read while switching positions 50 times or more in a minute or less. You make me smile.

You're teacher called me the other day and told me how well you were doing in your classes. She told me that you were the best in the class, knowing all 70 of your phonograms. She said that she has you sitting at the back of the room because you like to stand most of the day. And one day when she asked you why you weren't writing that one word down on your paper and you told her, "Mrs. Nosal, this grammar stuff is BORING!" I'm glad you don't struggle with being honest. :)

You are this Mama's biggest helper. I can't thank you enough for the way you do your chores without arguing or complaining. 

You love on your little brother in a way that lights up my soul. It's my favorite when I look out the tall windows and see the two of you cruising in the jeep, Jeddy laughing and you grinning from ear to ear, the wind blowing wild in both your faces. I love the way you tell everyone that your brother is your "first" best friend. 

Lately you have grown so much in your passion for God's Word. A few times a day you ask me to show where things are in that big book and you tell  me how you want to learn to read the whole thing yourself. I pray with all my heart that that passion never fades. As Deuteronomy 32:47 says, "These instructions are not mere words... they are YOUR LIFE!" Yes my sweet son, may His Words truly, throughout these years under this farmhouse roof, become your life. :)

Sweet Siah man... I have loved you like crazy since the day you were born! I hope that today and everyday, you never doubt my beyond words love for you. But above all, like we pray every last night together as I tuck you in tight under your cars-comforter, I hope that you KNOW more than ANYTHING, HIS Never stopping, Never giving up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever love for you!

Happy Happy Happy 7th Birthday to my amazing Siah! 

Love you true,