Thursday, March 15, 2012

She's Sheer Joy

This week has been a string of endless joy moments. 

My dearest treasure friend from back in CA is here on the farm.
I'm genuinely soaking it all up.
We've chatted long  laying  in the warmth of the  afternoon sun  by the farmhouse sun room.
We've swam, and taken walks in this crazy wind (Spring at the farm is coming!). 
We've cooked  and read lots of stories to our many small treasures.

But most of all she's just reminded me of the best kind of friendship. 

She's 26 weeks pregnant with her second and she's this incredible example of servant hood, and grace.
The way she speaks to her little one with the softest and kindest of words.
The way she makes me laugh, and how she reminds me that life and motherhood is this long messy journey, one not to be lived out alone, but in the thick of it with those who are learning to love their Savior too.
Through her actions she's inspiring me to be the best kind of Mama, reminding me of what's important, a gentle leading through a continual flow of small acts of kindness.

There are weeks that the Lord gives simply because He wants to lavish pure joy down on the ones that He loves. 

This has been one of those weeks. 
Sheer joy in all that He gives.