Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life Here

The Charmer got his cast off last Thursday. He's super happy about it.

He can't communicate all that well these days with his words, so he is currently a professional screamer. Screaming is not this Mama's favorite thing.

Our little man is also into wearing his sister's shoes all around the house. A son wearing girl shoes; it's not the Cowboys favorite thing... but it makes this Mama's heart chuckle every time the Cowboy looks over at his son's red sparkle shoes. :)

Around the dinner table we were talking about holidays. My Siah's favorite holiday was... drum roll please...
The Rodeo. I think The Cowboy's heart smiled at that one. :)

A cowboy hat, those long eyelashes, and his toothless grin, it's really the perfect combination. He's what comes to mind when I think of little-boy handsome. :)

The Dancing girl, she likes to sit by me these days. She might not wanna sit by me all that much when she's seventeen, so I'm pulling her close and soaking her up. :)

And that spunky girl of mine, she came down stairs this morning to a sleeping Mama, who stayed up way to late last with a lovely treasure friend,  and she whispered in my ear, "Mama, I accidently pooped in my underwear." TO which I responded, "Good morning Lord. Acceptance With Joy is starting early today, eh?"

It was a lovely way to wake up I tell ya, just lovely. :)

As we were driving to town today to deliver a meal to a friend, I looked in the rear-view mirror and couldn't help but tell them out loud, "Treasures. I'm so thankful for you." When it had been time to go, they all listened to my instructions the first time, the big brother helped the smaller brother into the car, and one sister shared her water with the one sister who couldn't seem to find her cup. I like to scratch these days down to remind myself on the non-listening days that all is well and we're really just all growing up together around here. :)

Acceptance with joy... He's gently teaching me to soak up all that He gives. :)