Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crazy Beautiful: The Making Of A Masterpiece

To My Sweet Kaci,

I've been thinking about you often the past couple weeks. When she asked me if I could share a few words of wisdom at your shower, quite honestly I got a pit in my stomach... 

After all, who am I to offer wisdom words when I'm still a new Mama along side you?

All I know to do is share where I've walked...

And you know me, and how my heart can fall out easily with a pen and some paper, but the speaking of my heart can terrify me.

So a letter it is...

As I write this, it's 1:30 am. 

The Charmer woke up crying. 

He stopped and went back to sleep, but then the Cowboy, he started snoring. I know you know how that is. :)

So I'm just laying here, wide-eyed and thinking about you and what kind of wisdom words I could offer you in this glorious season that you're about to enter. 

I've never forgotten that first car-ride home from the hospital with our first living treasure. My Joey was driving and I was in the back seat, sitting on my special pillow; my bum and everything else in that department was still trying to recover from the joy of it all. And my Joey, he eyed me in the rear-view mirror and asked it out loud, "Are you scared?" I nodded and he confessed it, "me too," 

And that was how motherhood started for me.. sore, fat, and scared... sounds lovely, eh?

Well, the strange thing is, that it was lovely. And as the days pass this heart of mine is starting to see that it's most often in the seemingly messy, that He molds things into this crazy-beautiful.

So how can we enter into the beginning of something so crazy-beautiful with confidence when all the intricate details seem so unknown? There's only one answer sweet friend. And I'm thinking that you just might know what I'm gonna say. 

What words of wisdom can I offer a new Mama?

Only those knit tightly with the ones from above.

Isn't it only the greatest Love Letter in the whole world that can really offer life-giving words? 

So here we go... 

Five things to hold onto as we walk through this masterpiece of motherhood together…. You and I, and all the treasure women in this room.

#1 With all your might, determine to live in the moment...

"Give thanks always, pray continuously, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:16

If you look too far ahead (some days five minutes is too far ahead :) the days can sometimes get a bit overwhelming.

But If you dwell on what happened yesterday you just might miss out the gift of now.

So if a week goes by and you still haven't taken a shower, if at the end of the day the laundry is still piled high and the dishes are taking over the kitchen, but you've fed the baby and managed to get a nap in yourself,  then smile and look up and thank Him because He has lavished a love on you with one of the greatest gifts of all, new life. 

Joslyn, she's the answer to endless nights of prayer. Wisdom women have told me countless times that "time flies." They're right ya know. I didn't get it then, the way I do now. I blinked and my precious Siah is already on his way to being seven. Soak up these moments sweet sister. Soak-them-up.

#2 Learn to laugh... sometimes at yourself and sometimes at your circumstance.

Be like the Proverbs 31 woman who in confidence
 "laughs at the days to come." 

One day soon, you just might be at the Mall, still sporting your maternity jeans because it takes us normal women a good year and half to shrink back down. When all of a sudden two giant wet spots appear on the front of your shirt. And even though you brought five changes of clothes for Jocelyn, you didn't even think to bring something for yourself.

Think of it as a good excuse to buy yourself a new shirt, and Laugh friend.

You can cry too. It's okay to cry. As we all know, I do it all the time. But then, at the end of your tears, burst out into that crazy kind of belly laughter. After all, everything that might seem yucky in the moment, has happened to the best of us. You're not alone.

Which leads me to number three.

#3 Find friendship. 

Don't navigate motherhood alone. 

Some days you might want to, cuz women can be weird and overly opinionated. 
We know, we've all been there.  
But reach out despite that. 
Us women, we need each other. And if you ever find yourself stung by another Mama, remember that there is always a place to go with your pain... straight to that glorious cross. He gets it, and He'll heal your deepest wounds with the lavishing of His extravagant love into those intimate parts of your heart. And while at that cross, don't forget to ask for courage to press into friendship again. 

Don't give up.  

Mama friendship is worth it.

"Let us consider how we may, spur one another on towards love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another all the more." Hebrews 10:24

#4 Relinguish... Never forget that each small treasure that He gives, is simply a loan. 

He's given you this child that you might know Him better. 

She is first and foremost His. Never cease to thank Him for each day that He gives you with your precious daughter, but don't be afraid to trust that He knows the number of her days.  He-is-trustworthy and your heart can rest knowing that His love for her is far greater than any love you could ever imagine. 

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will be faithful to make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

#5 Be Confident 

He picked you, friend. He picked you and only you to be Jocelyn's Mom. Be confident in that. There will be days when what you know to be best for her, might be contrary to what the people around you might think.

Seek His face constantly and think only upon His approval. 

Stick closely to Colossians 3:23
"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, and not for man." 
Sweet Kaci, There might be a day when all hope seems lost. 

I promise you friend, it's not.

Remember that motherhood is a work of art. And the greatest masterpieces often take a lifetime to be molded into perfection.

There will be flailing days. There will be triumphant days.  But even on, especially on, those seemingly messy days, He's making all things beautiful.

 Ecclesiastes 3:11 promises...
"He has made everything beautiful in its time... we cannot even fathom what He has up His sleeve for those who love Him."

Sweet friend of mine, welcome. 

Welcome to sleepless nights and tearful days.
Welcome to the deepest joys, and greatest triumphs.
Welcome to the greatest heart transformation you'll ever experience on this earth.
Welcome to a love relationship with your sweet Jesus like you've never known.
Welcome to insane, intimate, radical,, crazy love.

Welcome to motherhood. 

I love you friend.
Love, (This) Kacy