Sunday, January 8, 2012

To Live And Breath His Word

"She seemed to us as old as the Bible itself. So it is when you are very young. But I tell you, God must have smiled when He thought of her. She lived and breathed His Word and was determined to teach us to do the same."

I've read it out loud to them nearly everyday this week. And each time we get to the part where the little boy describes ancient Mrs. Waring, I find myself breathing in deep. 

And I smile. 

And I whisper it every last time into Him, 

"Lord, make me like that.

And so again, 

This morning I saw the sun rise over the trees on the east side of the farmhouse. 

This morning, Colossians, and a little remembering of His strength, of His ability to take a tired farm girl and get her out of her nice warm bed and up into the quiet wee hours.

"The blessed Spirit is the author of this strength; for we are strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inward man (Eph. 3:16). The Word Of God is the means of this strength, by which He conveys it; and it must be fetched in by prayer." (Matthew Henry, pg2330)

Just Him and I, 

And why would I ever miss it??

I don't know. But I have, and I do.

He is the one who strengthens. He wants to be with me just as much as I wanna be with Him. And He is able to pursue and enable in my weak places. 

'That she lives and breaths His Word...'

What better compliment could there be?