Monday, January 9, 2012

A Little Mess For His Glory??

School's back in session. 

Day one, it wasn't so bad, considering.

Jed only ate ONE piece of chalk  and a handful of cat food today.  

It only took Reesie 25 minutes to brush her teeth. She got a little distracted and rode her bike around the living room... 15 times. Then she took another little break to read the back of a movie casing... you know... since she's such a brilliant reader. 

And when I reminded her about her teeth, she told me, "just a minute Mom, can't you see I'm  in the middle of reading something?" 

She got that line from her Mama.

The dancing girl woke up Monday morning complaining of a stomach ache... 

I didn't believe her...

She cried as we practiced phonograms and then she went back to bed. 

I went to check on her an hour later and she was burning up with a 102 fever. 

I'm thinking her stomach really did hurt.

I hate when that happens. {weak smile}


The two littles found something to do while Siah and I did some spelling and grammar, and a bit of math. 

I love spending my days with these kids. 

It's messy and we flail most days, but He really is making all things beautiful, and I'm hoping He's doing it all for His glory.