Friday, January 13, 2012

How A Marriage Might Speak

Him and I we meet in the dark, and it's not always this way.

But on this night, HE brought a broken man and a broken woman together and made them whole, made them one.

Two small pieces of a mysterious puzzle and HIS masterpiece can been seen a bit more clearly...

An extravagant portrait of deep-rooted intimacy.

There in the dark I get this small glimpse of the garden, and the perfection and the confident familiarity that He meant when He gave Adam, Eve,  and He said that it was good.

And always these bare moments of pure innocence between the Cowboy and I, they end in prayer.

But this time as I try to get the words out, my throat tightens and my eyes fill and I can hardly seem to find the words to thank HIM. I'm trying to just to whisper thank you for this bond, this deep deep fellowship between a man and his bride... and it hits me again, an intimacy that my heart fumbles over to grasp, to express.

The Cowboy and I we lie there in the dark, in the loudest silence, the kind where there is no sound but volumes are being spoken. Without a word he slips his fingers in between mine. And he takes over and says the things I am unable to say.

Our marriage, it's as real as marriage can get. It's strange to think that it's meant to be a reflection of Christ and His bride. And in the nitty gritty and the bills, and the kids, and the flooded basement, and the leaky roof, and all the choices that can sometimes overwhelm, I'm trying to think upon that intimacy... Think upon the ONE who lives an absolutely perfect love towards me.

The Cowboy and I and the way that we love one another, it matters.

Our marriage is a powerful avenue in which our children see and understand Christ.

What we do in the dark, when the kids are tucked up in their beds and they can't see, it's the cornerstone for what is seen in the light. When we spend time in secret, in the Word and in prayer, we're deepening our communion with each other and we are strengthening our example for our children.

He gave a challenge that I have been thinking upon all week long, one that I shared with the Cowboy,

"Do you pray together just the two of you, on a regular basis? Couples make their marriage a priority when they pray together. It will not escape their children."

Ultimately, our marriages are to reflect Him. The way we love, the way we forgive, the way we are quick to confess our faults, and offer grace, and speak only words that are helpful for building others up.

And I squirm and my shoulders sink down low at the reality of how short I fall in these areas.

"No human marriage meets God's standard. No husband loves his wife as Christ loved His church. It is humanly impossible. No wife submits to her husband and the church is supposed to submit to Christ, 'in everything' (Eph. 5:24). We all fail. Short of the resurrection, there are no perfect marriages."

Then in comes the Gospel.

Oh that sweet, sweet Gospel!

"Cross-centered parents are imperfect, but they attract their children. And what they attract them to is the gospel."

All those moments of purposed prayer, the pondering of His boundless Word, the living out of His example of humility and servanthood right here in our simple farmhouse...

It all adds up. 

Oh Lord that it just might add up into four small treasures who are madly in love with you???

Our marriage, our actions, they speak volumes louder than our words.

The Cowboy and I, fingers interlocked in the dark. Without a word we find ourselves humbled by His perfect love. And as he squeezes my hand, I know HIS faithfulness in using all the broken pieces of a life to create a masterpiece all for His glory.

"God made my life complete when I placed all the pieces before HIM." (Psalm 18 msg)

Lord, may our marriage reflect You, even in, especially in, the broken places. 
May what the Cowboy and I do in secret, richly draw our children into You.  

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