Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Short Walk Straight Into His Peace

Family is here, and the ground is pure white.
My sweet sister and I, we walk down the plowed paths, talk of life and treasures and pains and joys and Christmas.

And the thoughts of Love come down have rarely left me this season. 

God With Us.

"He himself is... our... peace."
I read it with a group of ladies on a Thursday night and it has stuck with me. 
Is that it Lord? Is that how we really find Christmas? Could it really be that extravagantly simple? That quiet? That sweet?
Perfection, willingly, sacrificially, coming down straight into imperfection?
I've had the time, spent the time, made the time, to think upon all of this... You... and peace... and Christmas.
This thing called Christmas, it's always been good things for me, a baby in a manger, gifts, family and Christmas carols. 
But this year something is happening in this heart of mine. 
This year You're so much more than a baby in a manger. 
This year something's sinking in a little deeper.

God with us.
He Himself is our peace...
But how can we find peace when things are broken and stinging?
How can we see Christmas as a celebration of the Prince of Peace Himself when there's hustle and bustle and distraction and our past (however recent) and the things that are not yet healed?


In Him. 

That's it.

He Himself is our peace.

God- is- with us.

Jesus come down is really really the greatest of all great gifts. 
I don't have to stay stuck in my sin-stained mess simply because He was willing to come. 
It's not just a baby in a manger,
It's hope for all of eternity.


The glorious simplicity of it all. 

My Sister and I we walk the narrow paths to the treehouse out in the field.

Peace Himself is here.

It can't get any sweeter than that...