Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Her And I

Sometimes her and I just need a little time together...

She sat in the bathroom this afternoon trying to put her black Christmas tights on all by herself. When she came out on the verge of tears, I smiled right into her and I shimmied the tippy-toe of her tights back and forth until they were just right. 
She gave me an exuberant, 
"Thanks Mama," then skipped into the sunroom and completed her ensemble when she slipped on those black Mary Janes.

My little Dancing Girl and I, we went to the Nutcracker Ballet downtown tonight. And half way through the show she leans over and whispers it in my ear...

"Mama, where are the nuts? Where are the crackers?"

I chuckle out loud, then she says it...

"I thought you said this was the 'Nut-Cracker'?"


I love this girl!

During the show, her and I danced, we cheered.

She even got a picture with the star of the show, Clara herself.

And when the show was done, we had dinner together with friends at Panera Bread.

My sweet Hal got a brownie. Before she bit into that chocolate-y goodness, I caught that ruby red smile of hers with my lens... a picture that I want to store right there in my heart.

So thankful for a night out with one amazing treasure. :)