Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Growing Up

LAst night was the kids first music concert.

One day a week they take music, art, PE, spanish, and a writing/grammar class at this lovely little Charter school in town.

The school has a program that works with homeschool families to enrich what is already being done at home. I'm so thankful for what this school has provided for our treasures.

Really for us, the school allows us to have the best of both worlds; we get to live out the day to day beautiful, messy, life of family as we homeschool, but the kids also get an opportunity to be with friends and learn from others in a classroom environment.

So last night we bundled up the troops and headed to the school.

The dancing girl was beside herself excited. Nearly every hour, all day long, she would ask me what time it was, knowing that we were leaving at 6 for the concert. :)

Don't they look so grown up?

And the Cowboy helped a Mama out and made his treasures laugh...
Wondering what the dancing girl's pointing at???
Well, that just might remain the Cowboy's secret weapon to making his treasures laugh till they get belly-aches... I'm not sure if it's an appropriate thing to disclose on a family blog such as this... but I'm sure that if you've known the Cowboy for any stint of time, you can use your imagination and figure it out pretty quick. :) The concerned look on the littlest boy just might lead to some insight... Hehe. :)

And once the little guy figured out just how funny his Papa really was...


He joined right in the laughter... :)

After a lovely photo shoot with the fam and we were off....

The show was short and sweet and the Cowboy and I were stoked on our treasures!!! Especially with the dancing girl... she has a few shy bones in that petite body of hers and she got up on that stage and sang her heart out!! Way to go little love! :)