Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Gift Of Soul-Molding

The little boy was dedicated in church this morning.
He gave everyone a beaming smile from the front. :)
The church body agreed to support the Cowboy and I in the raising of our treasures.
A heart-felt prayer was prayed over our boy and a few others.

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, because really being a Mama kind of consumes me... this career of soul-molding, pouring into hearts that they might wanna give their lives to the very One who created their every last detail... it's quite the job.

I know it starts with Him. Then it moves onto me and the Cowboy. With our own love for Christ. It's our lives, not our words, that bear the best witness to these treasures of ours.

And how thankful I am for the folks who come around us in this living of life. Thankful for those who aren't afraid to speak the truth. Thankful for those who pray fervently. Thankful for those who carry the sting with us on the broken-heart days.

And although it would be literally impossible to raise these treasures without the wisdom and support of the whole village, the Cowboy and I still take great delight in the intimate responsibilities that come in the day to day. There are things that fall on parents, things that the church simply cannot fulfill for family.

Our treasures need to hear the precious Word of God daily.

They need to see their Mama and Papa handling conflict with humility and prayer.

They need to know that the farmhouse is more than a strong physical roof over their heads, it's a safe-haven for their hearts. It's a place where they can make mistakes and never doubt that they are insanely loved. It's a place where they hear words that make their hearts stronger. It's a place that they can daily learn the power of forgiveness and reconciliation.

The body that surrounds us is an indescribable gift in the bringing up of our treasures.

But first and foremost the Lord has picked us, parents, to show our children Christ.

What an honor.
What a privilege.
What a calling.
What a gift.

What better way to grow in Him than to accept with great joy, the gift of parenting, the gift of molding souls towards Him? And in the process watch Him parent us into His very likeness?

#'s 689-702
Fall break.
Time with parents and the treasures.
Kids helping one another in the kitchen.
Scriptures to really live by.
A friend who shares her TJ chai tea latte, and her life with me.
Many many steps taken by the littlest one.
Brave kiddos at the dentist.
A date at Ikea with the Cowboy, catching up on each other's hearts.
Peanut butter & jelly for dinner on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Hats, coats, boots and scarves from a generous Gramma.
Encouraging articles helping this timid home school Mama find solid ground.
A new day to shower them all with extravagant love!
The gift of soul-molding... given to me. May I take it with great joy... :)