Friday, October 28, 2011

A Few Times A Day

There's something about that archway in the hall that makes things with Him and I, more than great.

The Cowboy's studying hard, working hard, serving hard and loving hard these days. Somedays go by and there's hardly a moment when it seems like him and I just might collide...

But I've discovered that a small way to increase intimacy within my marriage really only requires a few intentional moments a day.

That archway... We meet there often, the Cowboy and I.

Last night I was mopping the floors and he was on the stairs hugging the kids, tickling them goodnight. I put the mop down and watched him wave one last time to the treasures. And on his way out, he met me in that archway, wrapped his worn man-hands around my waist, and rested his warm lips on my forehead.

No words were said.

Just us, there.

Two minutes, a few times a day...

Two minutes and we reconnect.

Two minutes and I'm reminded of how great "us" feels, of how great "us" actually is.

He has to go, and he pulls away, and his eyes meet mine.

Only but a moment. But in that moment I find that somehow my eyes are connected to this heart of mine and when he purposely looks straight into them, I find myself thankful for our love all over again.

It's only a few minutes a day...
But for me, it makes all the difference. :)