Friday, August 19, 2011


This is the season when activities start running rampant in my mind and I'm not even sure where to begin making a choice for a child, better yet ALL four our children. So I did the only thing I could think to do and asked My Joey.

"Who does what, when & why? Soccer? Karate? Ballet?"

And My wise yet simple man suggested that we give each of the oldest two, three choices of what they might like to participate in this Fall.

So this is how it went.

"Halee. Would you like to do Balle....?" And before I could even finish my sentence there was an exuberant, "YES! YES! YES! BALLET!!! Oh Mama, THANK YOU!"
So, no choices necessary there.

Then my sweet Siah,

"Bud, would you like play soccer with almost every other boy you know in town. Do Karate? OR, build a bike track with your Papa?"

It didn't take much thought...
He LOVES that Papa of his. And any time in his six years of life that he's had a chance to do anything with his Papa, he's smiled HUGE and given an exuberant "Yes!!!"

We have bikes galore around here. Some friends were cleaning out their garage a few weeks ago and brought a bunch of bikes up. Papaw helped adjust the gears on one of the new bikes so that Siah could get up the steep part of the track better.

He loves soccer too though. And the majority of his little friends are playing down at Cottonwood this Fall. But he so sweetly informed that we could just go down and watch his friends sometime... that is, whenever he's not mastering the bike track with his Papa. :)

To be totally honest, choices overwhelm this Mama sometimes. What to cook for dinner? What to do for school? How to encourage a child who has recently turned into Mr. Negative, to instead look on the bright side?

But it blesses my socks off when my son chooses time with his Papa. It blesses my socks off that in this season we are being given the gift of family. The gift of time together. The gift of a son and a Papa loving on each in a little dirt bike track in the middle of our farm field.

Some choices tie this Mama stomach up in knots.
Other choices, well, make this Mama heart skip a beat with joy. :)