Friday, July 15, 2011


He got tickets...

A cowboy hat for each...

Boots for some...

And a perfectly placed BBQ stain on her little white T-shirt...

And we were off...

Off to the Rodeo.

It just might have been the best been cash we've spent all summer. I loved it, all of it!
I loved the way they started off the night with prayer over the loud-speaker.
I loved the honoring of the flag, the awesome support they had showed for the military.
I loved all the large families that were sitting around us (A family with six kids sat behind us.) Loved the jokes that the announcer made.
Loved the kids version of bull-riding, as eight of the bravest little kids held onto sheep for dear life and the sheep ran around the ring trying to buck the kids off.
I loved the pre-pig show.
Loved watching soldiers walk out onto the field.
Loved watching sisters hold each other and laugh in the seat next to mine.
I loved watching her sink her teeth into that over-size carmel apple.
Loved the way Hal lit up when all the "girl cowboys" rode onto the ring. Loved how she said said she wanted to wear a sparkle shirt like that when she grows up. :)
Loved being there with Matt and Sarah and their treasures.

I think the Rodeo just might be a new Clark family summer tradition. :)