Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Is Happening To Me

The rumor is 100% true.
I vowed I'd NEVER walk this road, but here I am.
Yes, there's officially a cat now living on the farm. And well, it just might be because I kept feeding him milk. Yes, me, the absolute NON-animal lover convinced a stray-cat to stick around and make his home on our front porch.

I know... What on earth has gotten into me????
Truthfully, I have no idea.
But in some very weird way, I'm actually kind of fond of Dave.
Ya, that's his name... Dave The Cat.

And he's incredibly chill. He let's all the kids and their little friends carry him around for hours.

Dave even gets to go down the slide every once in awhile... lucky Dave.

Last week, Siah, Hal, their little friend Campbell spent hours trying to climb the tree in our front yard in hopes of catching Dave. I think the real story goes something like this:

The kids torture poor Dave for too long.

Dave escapes to the roof.

The kids think that Dave just want to get a sun tan which is why he is on the roof.

Mama thinks they're reasoning for Dave being on the roof is so terribly funny that she can't bring herself to tell them that cats do usually care about sun tans. :)

The good thing about Dave, besides the fact that he provides hours of entertainment for the many small children that live on this farm... He eats the mice!!!! Praise God!
Why just this morning while we were all eating our breakfast, good-ole Dave ripped a mouse to shreds right outside sliding glass door.
I gagged on my food.
I was grateful, but rather disgusted just the same. :)

So what is happening to me as we acclimate ourselves to this country life, and leave that glorious beach further and further behind???

Well, we have a cat. And I think that just might say it all.

I'm slowing down,
learning to let go,
trying new things,
and feeding stray cats.

I think I'm falling more and more in love with this place and the life that it gives. The way my kids spend endless hours out doors, the way they climb trees, and hunt snakes. The way "owies" are becoming less a catastrophic and more of picture of adventurous pride. My Siah, comes up to me often, shows me his wounds from falling off his bike or jumping off the swing, and declares, "Mama look, I got a scratch, but I didn't cry!" :) I love watching my baby turn into a full fledged boy.
What is happening to me here is good... so, so good.