Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Simple Words

I love these words because I can imagine my heavenly Father saying them to me, possibly several times a day, leading me into His best with His gentle reminders...

Try... Again... Please

These words fill our home, fill our hours.
These three nifty words, can gently and effectively turn our children's average words into kind, respectful words and right heart attitudes.

Sometimes we use these words to promote politeness.

Child: "Moooom! I want a snack!"
Mom: "Try again please."
Child: "May I please have a snack."

Sometimes we use them to promote peace.

Child (screaming): "Moooooom! So and so did such and such!"
Mom: "Go back to your sibling and Try Again Please, to speak truth to them in a kind way. If they don't listen then come back and ask me in a kind way for help, and I would be happy to help you.
Child: "Okay, Mom."

Sometimes we use it to promote patience.

Child: "Moooom! Is it time go yet? Mom, can we go now? Can we go now Mom?"
Mom: "Practice your patience, and either stay here and help Mama, read a book, or go find something else to do until it's time to go."
Child: "But Mooom!"
Mom: "Try Again Please."
Child: "Ok, Yes Mama."

Of course there needs to be patient words and explanations of what's expected of my kiddos when I say those three simple words... and as always I need to live by my example... and sometimes the conversations do go on much longer than the examples above, and I have to remind them of the kind of behavior that is acceptable in our home in greater detail... but I was surprised at how quickly they picked up on my expectations when they hear those three words.

But for now I am thankful for, Try Again Please, as I've watched it transform the attitudes and the atmosphere of this place we call home.