Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Son Stories

I was out mowing the lawn this afternoon while three treasures slept this warm summer afternoon away. (I contemplated wearing my bikini with my boots... My Mexican skin went pale with all winter's snow and is in some serious need of color and I have to wear the boots so I can step on the snakes keeping themselves cool in the tall grass... but I decided to spare the neighbors and settled for shorts instead. :)

The oldest treasure had been picking up the toys scattered all over the yard. Half way through mowing the east field, I was wondering where his adventurous little self had wandered off to. I went into the house to get a drink of water and his sweet smile met me at the door. He took my hand and led me in to a nearly perfectly, clean house. Our little six-year-old son, had cleaned up the entire living room, swept the kitchen floors, put the card table that we had out for last night's company back in the basement, the extra chairs were stacked up by the school room, lunch dishes rinsed and all the coats and hats were hung up on the coatrack in the sun room.

His face was glowing and I was so surprised and blessed that I wasn't quite sure what to say. He spoke first, "I love serving others Mama, especially you," as he slipped his hand back in mine.

I knelt down and looked straight into him and said the only thing that came to mind, "You bless me buddy. Thank you. Just thank you for the way that you love with your life."

He grinned from ear to ear and skipped off, up the stairs, to play cars by himself while he waited for his siblings, his best friends, to wake up.


We're working on a little project around here (one that I hope to share soon) and him and I were sitting on the bench talking about our plans and he looked up at me,

"Mom, I love God more than anything."

"Really, my love? Do you just say that because Mama says that often and you wanna make a Mama happy, or is that really how you feel?"

And he looked straight into my eyes and said with the most serious of tones,

"No Mom, really. I really love him more than anything."

I just smiled and wrapped him up in my arms... sometimes more words seem to get in the way of such moments. I was grateful that he was willing to share his heart with me. But even more so I was so glad that this God-thing seems to be becoming more of his own thing. :)


May I always be mindful of the great gift God has given me in these treasures. They're always teaching me something. And today I was simply reminded that the best way to brighten a day is to selflessly serve others. One of the best ways to get out of a funk is to do something kind for somebody else. So that's what we'll be doing today and in the days to come around here in the farmhouse. We'll most definitely be finding little ways to serve one another. :) THanks for setting the example, Siah! :)