Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Three Down, One To Go

I should have done it a looooong time ago.

She's been ready... I have not.

It's no wonder that it only took a day for her to get it all down, to learn all the steps, to initiate on her own accord. She's had one accident in the past three weeks and wears underwear day and night! We even went hiking a few days ago and she was brave enough to go potty in the bushes! This girl has got it down! :)

Our little Reesie is proud to announce to the world that she is officially,


We gave her treats for the first three days, but then we told her that we're simply proud of her that she is now one of the big kids. So each and EVERY time she goes potty, she walks out of the bathroom and proclaims, "Mama, You say so glad, I big girl!!!" And I gladly delight in her and pull her in close, "Yep, I sure am sweet girl!" :)

Here she is lighting up my life, laughing in the window sill...
Way to go Reesie-piece!!!