Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(Not So) Little Boys And Kindergarden

Thursday was Siah's last day of Kindergarden.

I cried. (Poor kid, I've cried twice now in his class... :)

Time just keeps going on, seemingly without me, or my consent. How did we get here? Has it really already been six short years since we brought our boy home?

There's something still so childlike about kindergarden. Kindergarden still feels innocent. Our boy still gives long,melt into my chest, boy hugs. He still needs a kiss on his scrapes. Kindergarden seems the perfect blend of small and big. He can brush his own teeth and do a whole list of chores without much direction, but he still crawls up close to me on the couch to read hours of stories together.

Today was a milestone for this Mama and her son. Our Siah is officially a first-grader now.

He was a swell kindergardener though. Mrs. Kozyra taught him two, half-days a week. She described him like so many describe his Papa... "He's mostly quiet," she said, "But when he does decide to share, it's always something wise and worth saying." Maybe our little guy has the gift of discernment like his Papa, who knows?

Although it's sad that our little guy is moving up into the first grade, it really is this great privilege to watch his gifts and talents unfold as the years keep on passing us by.

When he was just a baby I had no idea that he would be as cool as he is now.

No idea that he would be so detail oriented.

No idea that he would be such a strict rule-keeper.

No idea that he would be a silent leader.

No idea that he would get flustered at the same petty things that his Mama gets flustered at.

No idea that he would have the same diligence that his Papa has, in learning new things.

I just didn't know that the Lord would choose to give our Siah a tender heart towards the things of God....

The other night we were reading Trial and Triumph (stories of Christian Martyrs throughout history). The book is a bit above the kids heads, or so I thought. I had read a rather gruesome account and I wondered what the kids might be thinking about the whole idea of dying for Christ in such brutal, horrible deaths. So I asked them how these stories had made them feel about God and what not, thinking they would be scared or something. But Siah ministered to me and responded, "Well Mom, to live is Christ, to die is gain, right?"

He's barely six?? Once again the Lord is reminding me that He is the one who's raising our kids. The things that I have no idea how to talk about or explain, His Spirit does the explaining for me.

How incredible His love is for us!! :)

Anyways, here are some pictures to remember Kindergarden...

These are his Teachers, Mrs. Kozyra and Mrs. Black.

They had the cutest cake made for the kids on the last day of school. It had a picture of all the kids in his class. There were only 11 students total. :)

Siah also wrote me a card. I was standing in the back of the class and he came running up to me and read the whole thing. It still amazes me how much he has learned this year already. When we started back in September he didn't know the sounds that each letter made and he couldn't even write his own name. Now he writes sentences and can read short books. It's just simply incredible. And what a gift it was for me, his Mama, that I got to be there through it all. :)

Here's his class...

And here's his Kindergarden picture...

Way to go buddy!!!! Congratulations on your very first year of school. :)