Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Snake

Let me just say that I DO NOT do snakes. And this afternoon, Jeddy and I were reading a book in the sunroom when little Hal comes waltzing in the house with a loooong dangling thing hanging between her thumb and her pointer finger. It took a second and a half for me to realize that she was holding a SNAKE... holding it as if it was just some long piece of string! My WOrd!! Did I already mention that I DON"T do snakes!
I made her take that thing right back outside and throw it into the bush! I'm still feeling a bit weak in the knees, and it's not because I'm twitter-pated! :) I'm even having trouble just looking at it's picture at the top of this post. Snakes FREAK me out!

I did get a picture of the snake, but only because of my long distance lens. There was no way that I was going to get any where near that thing. :)

I don't think Hal realized what she was holding when she first came in because when I asked her if she would pick it up again so that I could get her picture she gave me a resounding, "NO!"

In other news, we also had a run in with a cute little white mouse this week who was just hanging out in our pantry. Joey tried to shoot it with the BB gun, but no such luck. It ran across the kitchen floor instead and as I was sitting stiff in terror on the highest part of the couch hoping to avoid any physical contact with the little mouse, I was simultaneously trying to convince the kiddos that there was nothing to be afraid of! Hehe! :) Am I good example or what?

So there you have it... today's adventure on the farm. :)