Friday, April 1, 2011

I Wanna Be {Here}

I wanna be {here}... with my Reesie in the bathroom showing me her microscopic booboo. I wanna be in the simplicity of the moment, how a Diego band-aid and a kiss make her little heart all anew.

I wanna be {here} in the conversation in the mechanics garage... me and my Siah painting a family built hutch, talking about why he loves to help others... "I love when others help me Mom. That's why I want to help others. That's a good quality to have right Mom?"

I wanna be {here} in the burb, traveling up the seemingly never-ending country road listening to U2, all the treasures in the back, Jeddy screaming cuz I kept him out to long, Siah telling me over all the noise that he can hear the sound of the violin in the song that's blaring in an attempt to drown out the insanely loud screaming.

I want to be {here} at the kitchen sink hearing the three oldest treasures giggling about some toilet paper stuck on Reesies snotty face, while Halee's kneeling on top of the kitchen table using her entire body weight to try and scrub off the jelly that's still crusted there from the night before.

I want to want to be {here}.

I wanna be {here}, in my rocking chair, looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows, with the most glorious view of my almost six-year-old pushing my almost three-year-old on the swing, simply because he loves his sister.

I wanna notice the wind blowing their hair, and how the littlest treasure breathes deep and smiles wide when the wind blows across his face.

I wanna hug long, savoring the moment of redemption and reconciliation with each of them, the five daily gifts who are living out this mess of glorious gift moments with me.

I wanna live {here}... Not so focused on the next moment so that I miss out on this one. And the strangest thing is that when I slow down to be {here}, I feel this insane joy.

It was the oddest of things, but today when we were driving home and there was nothing but chaos going on in the backseat I couldn't help but whisper thanks for the moment that He had picked for me right then. This life of many small children and dishes, is what He picked specifically for ME. He picked the conversations I have each day, for me. He picked today's triumphs for me, today's trials for me, today's joys, today's sorrows. He picked them all for me! FOR ME!
I have no need to be envious of anyone else's moments when I know that My Papa perfectly planned each of my moments for His perfect glory. :)

Daily seeking to be more {here}, than anywhere else. :)