Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guess Who Came To Dinner

Some days go by so slow, but all the years go by so fast.

Tonight I called up the stairs,

"Dinner's ready."

Three little treasures rounded the corner, slide down the stairs on their bums.

Up first, Spiderman... Halee slides onto her side of the farm bench.

Next up, Iron Man... Siah leaves one leg hanging long, the other tucked up under himself on the bench.

And finally, littlest running treasure in her "princess" Christmas dress, has her Papa's short legs and she toddles her little bum back and forth as she runs up to her usual spot at the end of the table, the chair closest to the french doors.

I pull the shepherd's pie out of the oven and carry it over to the two super heros, the princess, and the Papa, and set it in the center of it all.

Papa prays and thanks The Father for the gift of His Son, and for the gift of Siah on his birthday. He says Amen, and Iron Man, Spiderman, and The Christmas Princess, throw their hands up in the air and shout a joyous "Hallelujah!"... It's how Kya Payton taught the Clark family to always pray with joy. :)

We get half way through dinner and two of our dinner guests get a little sleepy...

What's dinner around the farm table without a few super heros and a princess??

Soaking up the moments... :)