Saturday, March 5, 2011

What To Do On A Snow-Covered Saturday Afternoon??

It's Saturday afternoon. The ground is covered in white. The dishes are piled high, the floors are filthy. And I have three rambunctious treasures who are always dying to lend a "helping" hand. What's a Mama to do?

"Alrighty treasures, get your bathing suits on and grab yourself a washcloth and meet me in the kitchen ASAP."

I quickly wash the dishes, load the dishwasher and re-fill both sides of the sink, add a half a bottle of dish soap and when my three little treasures come running around the corner I spray them with the sprayer and they giggle like mad.

"We need to clean the floors and the counters REAAAAALY well! You can get as much water as you want, where ever you want. Only rule is you have to get the WHOLE kitchen clean."

They look at me wide-eyed, wondering if I'm serious. I sweep Reesie up and put her cute little self on the counter, splash a little love her way. In no time they all "get to work."

And they have a BLAST cleaning a few counters...

Maybe spraying each other a few times in between...

Qucikly turning our little farm kitchen into a kiddie pool in the middle of winter.

WE turn the water off and lay the towels long... The sky light let's in a glimpse of cool sunshine and they all shiver...
We use every towel in the linen closet and they all carry the dripping cloth across the living room and down the basement stairs into the washer.

And I'm left with a sparking clean kitchen and three merry, gleeful treasures.

How glorious???????????