Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Modern Love

There is something that He does often that I want to always remember. It's nothing Big... but it feels big to me.
It feels big because it lets this heart know that he's thinking about me when we're apart.
It's big to me because he takes the time.
It's big to me because it reminds me often that I'm his and that he cherishes what's going on with us, with me.

He writes me and a little white bubble pops up on my palm size screen and a smile creeps across my face...
He loves me...
and I love him...
Oh man, how I love him!

Love for us is hardly Hollywood.
Love for us is her getting a warm wash cloth so he can wipe the throw-up off his face while he's curled over the toilet for the third time in a winter.
Love for us is him tangibly helping carry the weight of raising four small treasures in the every day nitty gritty of it all.
Love for us is sitting around a dinner table each night listening to the kids, our kids, fight over who's gonna pray, trying to muddle our way through His Holy Word... together... all six of us, together at the farm table.
Love for us is him shooting her a smile and a wink across the kitchen while she works her way through a mediocre meal.
.Love for us is a quick note through cyberspace that let's the other one know that they're thought of in the midst of the ordinary.

Love for us is gratitude for the small... the small that really doesn't feel that small at all.

Love for us is a genuine prayer sent for simple but deep love-filled encouragement.
He loves me deep in the simplest of ways and I don't want to forget the grace that HE'S given in the gift of my Joey and the ways that he loves me.