Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Silly

Sillines is a staple in a life filled with many small children.

Two little stories to brighten up anyones day...

My little Reesie has a habit of picking her nose and eating eat. She could care less if anyone is watching. She does it as automatically as breathing...
Pick, then eat.... Breath in, breath out.

Yesterday she was talking to me about something that I quite frankly couldn't understand, but she kept talking to me anyway. And as she was explaining whatever it was that she was talking about she sticks that finger right up her nose and moves that finger right into her mouth, chews and swallows.
"Reesie," I almost gasp, for the thought of it all just grosses me out. "That is seriously disgusting! You need to get a tissue and not eat your boogers."

Then she looks up at me with that notorious Reesie face... if you know Reesie at all you can picture the face right now... Kinda like the picture below except ten times more dramatic... And she says, almost angrily,
"NO Mama, (places her hands on her hips) It's YUMMY!"
(here, she's trying to be mad that I'm tickling her but you can totally see that smile trying to get out from under her FAKE frown. :)

Earlier that same morning I had just gotten out of the shower. I'm a rather modest and timid kind of gal when it comes to my body, and I guess it's a rarity that any of our kids ever see me without clothes on. But on this particular morning, Hal walks into the bathroom and just stares. Then she starts asking me all kinds of questions about my body... I will totally spare you the details but the last thing she asked me before she left the bathroom was,

"Mom, when I grow up, is my bum gonna be as big as yours?"

"Well honey, I'm not really sure how that's gonna work for you," I responded with a GIANT smile on my face... I mean, what do you say to that kind of question? :) She makes me laugh.

Then she had one last follow up question as she turned to walk out of the bathroom...

"How (exactly) did your bum get that big?"

Then she skipped out of the bathroom before I could even give her an answer.

The silliness fills the days around here.
And I LOVE it!! :)